Peacock Brooch that belongs to ARMAGGAN Jewelry Collection is designed with inspiration from the simurgh that is also known as Zümrüd-ü Anka. Beileved to be living behind the Mount Kaf, simurg has a large body and a magnificient, colorful tail. Rumi form is used in the wings. Drawing its inspiration from the traditional handcraft motifs that have left its traces throughout Anatolian history, the traditions from Central Asia to Ottomans that hold a significant place in Anatolian history, architecture and handcrafts, ARMAGGAN Jewelry Collection, with its motto ''Unique by Design'', is produced with rare, soon-to-fade way hand craftmanship in limited edition.


39,71 Gr 18 Ct White Gold, 1,94 Ct Round Cut Cognac Diamond , 8,55 Ct Round Cut White Diamond , 2,62 Ct Round Cut Black Diamond
-Product Code: GO-BH-01350


It is recommended to refrain from harmful substances such as soap, detergent, bleach, cosmetic products and cleaning products for your jewelry to keep its gleam.

It is recommended that you keep your ARMAGGAN jewelry in the special jewelry pouches found in the jewelry boxes.

Products with valuable stones such as diamond, brilliant, emerald, ruby, sapphire are recommended to be kept in the special jewelry pouches to keep away from contact with water, soap and acidic substances.

It is recommended to keep the pearl jewelry away from parfume, deodorant and harmful substances as such. To preserve the pearl jewelry for long years, contact with the skin should be enabled, contact with water should be avoided and it should not be kept in closed boxes for too long; it is recommended to de-aerate, when not used.